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1st AEMC



The AEMC has organized from 2019 to 2022 a highly successful International Chamber Music Competition. 
In 2024 we reprise the works with a new edition dedicated to vocal chamber music, aimed toward selecting a
Soprano and a Baritone who will participate in an important recording project

The horizon of classical music competitions is evergrowing. But also changing. In 2019, the AEMC launched an International Chamber Music Competition that established itself as different, allowing chamber music ensembles to express their personalities at best, with the philosophy that music is not just technique but something more, what we looked for. 

The ongoing 2024 edition has an even more special focus: to select two Artists, a Soprano and a Baritone, who will participate in a recording project of pianist Alberto Nones (Italy), member of the Jury together with two other renowned musicians: Agata Bienkowska (Poland-Italy) and Vadim Tchijik (Russia-France).


The recording project comprises the Complete Polish Songs by Chopin and a selection of Rachmaninov's Songs op. 21. To be searched are a Soprano and a Baritone capable of singing both in Polish and Russian with perfect pronunciation. There is no age limit, but participants must be over 18 years old. We only look for the quality of the voices and  the interpretations.

The competition consists of two steps. First, a Preliminary stage through submissions of videos. The video need not to be of professional quality but they must give a faithful idea of the singer, with a framing that must be close, and the venue should not have too much reverberation. The repertoire is compulsory and includes just two pieces per category (Soprano and Baritone). The pieces must not necessarily be sung without the score. One or two separate videos can be shot. The Jury commits to reviewing all videos in full and with the highest attention and dedication.

Repertoire for the Preliminary stage - Soprano: Chopin, "Życzenie", and Rachmaninov, Song op. 21 n. 7, "How fair this spot"; Baritone: Chopin, "Gdzie Lubi", and Rachmaninov, Song op. 21 n. 2, "By a new grave". 

Final stage. Two finalists per category (two Sopranos and two Baritones) will be invited to a Zoom interview with the Jury, in order to better evaluate their overall suitability for the project and be further tested on the following pieces.

Repertoire for the Final stage - Soprano: Chopin, "Posel", and Rachmaninov, Song op. 21 n. 6 "Loneliness"; Baritone: Chopin, "Wojak", and Rachmaninov, Song op. 21 n. 1, "Fate". 

Prizes for the Soprano and the Baritone who will be selected by the jury after the video screening and the interview:

  • a concert in Italy (end of June 2024), featuring the program to be recorded;

  • a discographic production in Italy (beginning of July 2024) for an album to be published by a prominent digital label, with regular contract (each Singer's royalties will amount to 25% of the total Artists' royalties);

  • the costs of the production (sound engineer, piano, editing, etc.) and of the publication will be fully covered, and accommodation will be offered for the entire duration of the project (approximately 26 June - 3 July 2024). 

Important Dates:

  • Friday 15 March 2024, deadline for submitting your videos

  • Sunday 24 March 2024, announcement of the finalists

  • Saturday 6 April 2024, Zoom interview with the finalists, with announcement of the Winners the following day

INSTRUCTIONS for applying:

In the present Application Document you can find the Competition rules and Registration form.

To apply, send  an email to 

containing the weblinks of the unlisted video/s and reporting in the subject line "YOUR NAME, 1st AEMC Vocal Chamber Music Competition - 2024 Recording Prize". The email must have the following three attachments:

  1. the Application Document filled in, signed at the bottom of both pages, and scanned as a single PDF attachment;

  2. proof of payment of the participation fee;

  3. an up-to-date CV, detailing any relevant information, other eventual links to videos of concerts, list of other eventual recordings, press kit if available, etc.

The participation fee is 60€, inclusive of the 10€ AEMC annual membership fee which qualifies members to enroll or participate as auditors to all AEMC activities of the solar year. 


We are looking forward to receiving your application!


Award concert of the 2019 3rd prize ex-aequo at Altopiano della Vigolana:


Trio Aperto.jpg

Award concert of the 2019 3rd prize ex-aequo at Altopiano della Vigolana:


(Czech Republic)


Award concert of the 2019 1st prize in Macerata:



Email contact for any question



2022 edition, "4th AEMC International Chamber Music Competition". Jury: Bertrand Giraud (France), Alberto Nones (Italy), Hamish Robb (New Zealand). The competition received applications of ensembles from Italy, the USA, Russia, China and the Republic of Korea



formed by Kiyoshi Hayashi (violin), Maura Shawn Scanlin (violin), Brianna Fischler (viola) and Cho Eunghee (cello)



formed by Fabio Ciancio (piano) and Annachiara Muzzachi (piano)

3rd Prize: SABLÉ TRIO

(Republic of Korea)

formed by Minjin Cho (flute), Seoyeong Jeon (oboe) and Yeeun Kim (piano)

"Emerging Artists Awards", assigned to ensembles who have obtained a score of more than 85/100 but did not make it to the first three prizes:

- ESTRA DUO (Italy)

formed by Sofia Celenza and Aurora Orsini


formed by Taek Lee, Sarah Liu, Liana Lin and Jayden Yeung

Besides the cash prizes of the first three prizes, all five ensembles have been offered opportunities for digital distribution of their music. The Rasa String Quartet will participate as Keynote Performers at the 5th AEMC Academic Conference on Music, Communication and Performance

Media coverage:

Cronache Maceratesi, 15/03/2022:

Le note dei Rasa String Quartet trionfano a Montecassiano | Cronache Maceratesi

Specchio Magazine, 15/03/2022:

AEMC International Chamber Music Competition, concorso internazionale alla sua quarta edizione

Il Cittadino di Recanati, 15/03/2022:

Montecassiano, il Rasa String Quartet vince l’edizione 2022 dell’Aemc. Per la prima volta tra i vincitori anche un ensemble italiano, il Dantès Piano Duo arrivato secondo 

Cronache Cult, 17/03/2022:

Concorso AEMC 2022: primo premio al Rasa String Quartet | Cronache Cult



2021 edition"3rd AEMC International Chamber Music Competition". Jury: Bertrand Giraud (France), Alberto Nones (Italy), Hamish Robb (New Zealand). The competition received applications of ensembles from eight countries


(Austria), formed by Krzysztof Dziurbiel and Chiemi Tanaka

2nd prize: TRIOMOSER 

(Austria), formed by Lukas Moser (piano), Florian Moser (violin) and Sarah Moser (cello)

3rd prize: DUO BUJOK

(Poland), formed by 

Paulina Bujok (violin) and Weronika Bujok (piano)

Besides their cash prizes, the winners have been offered opportunities for performances. For instance, the AEMC sponsored the recording of a video by Mosertrio, which was premiered as keynote performance at the 4th AEMC Conference on "Music, Communication and Performance". Other prize-winners  and contestants have been offered digital distribution of their music

Media coverage:


Specchio Magazine

Cronache Cult 


2020 edition, "2nd AEMC International Chamber Music Competition". Jury: Bertrand Giraud (France), Alberto Nones (Italy), Hamish Robb (New Zealand). The competition received applications of ensembles from seventeen countries


(The Netherlands), formed by Asia Czay (violin), Egle Kaunietyte (violin), Ekaterina Degtiareva (viola) and Stanislaw Degtyarev (cello)

2nd prize: DUO EMIL (Norway),

formed by Emil Duncumb (piano) and Emil Huckle-Kleve (violin)

3rd prize: POLISH VIOLIN DUO (Poland), formed by Marta Gidaszevska and Robert Łaguniak (violins)

Besides their cash prize, the first-prize winners of the 2nd AEMC competition had a video-recording produced by AEMC in a professional studio in the Netherlands. The video was presented at the 3rd AEMC academic conference on Music, Communication and Performance. The recording has been included in Classical Music in a Changing World: Crisis and Vital Signs, a book + CD co-edited by Lawrence Kramer and Alberto Nones, just published by Vernon Press. This CD also included recordings by Trio Aperto (prize-winner at the 1st edition of the AEMC Competition), and Duo Francés-Bernal, Arquia Duo and Animo Duo, who distinguished themselves at the AEMC competition without winning prizes


2019 edition, "1st AEMC International Chamber Music Competition". Jury: Nengda Yu (China), Alberto Nones (Italy), Hamish Robb (New Zealand). The competition received applications of ensembles from twelve countries

1st prize: DUO ELSA (France), formed by Marie Viard (cello) and Liliia Khusnullina (piano)

2nd prize: FENRIS QUARTET (France)

3rd prize (ex-aequo):

TRIO APERTO (Czech Republic) and


Besides their cash prizes, the winners of the 1st AEMC competition had numerous opportunities for live concerts in Italy

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